Picnic Grounds

The Mechanicsburg Club’s Picnic Grounds are one of the best privately owned grounds in central PA. We have 3 separate pavilions. The large pavilion can accommodate at least 400 people. The two smaller pavilions have scattered seating and combined, may accommodate another 400 people. We offer a large field for parking which can accommodate approximately 2,000 vehicles. We also have a smaller paved parking area with numerous handicap spaces available.

Our kitchen area consists of 2 gas stoves (with 4 ovens and 16 top burners) along with 4 deep fryers (cooking oil separate). The serving area’s louvered door can easily be raised to accommodate serving from the kitchen to the outside. Our ice machine has the capacity to produce 500 lbs of ice and we have a large walk-in cooler. We also have a Bar-B-Q pit available for cooking chicken, ribs, steaks, etc.

Additional facilities at the grounds include 4 horseshoe pits with shoes and a small stage area available for live entertainment. We offer plenty of outdoor shaded areas as well as covered areas for any occasion or weather. We have a large restroom facility with privacy for both men and women.

For more information please contact:

Pat Pelar @ 766-7938 ext. 6

Picnic Grounds Address: 80 Glendale Drive, Mechanicsburg, PA 17050